gear stripped on scx-4521f?

Dec 6, 2011
I have done lots of hp printer repairs in the past. All toner based. But my Samsung scx-4521f was being a little stuburn allowing me to add more paper. Cannot explain. Anyway, I heard this loud gear chatter sound. I removed tonner cartridge, and paper and it will still make the chatter sound.

I removed the left side, the controller board, then the gear assembly plate. At the bottom left rear corner, is a plastic white gear ridding on the black plastic stem extending from the black plastic chassis.

I removed it, and underneath that gear, was a plastic gear that "Looked Like" it was missing teeth..or was it? This is the same gear that drives the paper paw that pulls the first sheet off the stack of new paper. This gear also had two blue marks on it, which tells me mabey its does not have broken teeth?

The gear is again, bottom left rear corner, under the parallel port of the card inside the machine. I reset the rubber grab paw in the grab mode and going to put it back together and see if the problem returns.

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