Getting SPL error when trying to print - Windows 8.1 Samsung M2020W

Mar 30, 2015

When trying to print from a Windows 8.1 to a Samsung Xpress M2020W I only get an error on the printed page, as can be seen in the attached picture.

My printer is connected over the WIFI network.

Installed the latest drivers (both the standard and universal2), the latest firmware - without success.

From other computers (Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and iPhone) I do succeed to print successfully over the WIFI network, and so I know it has to do on something in this very specific computer.

Two differences between the problematic computer to the others:
1. I used this computer to install the printer, with Samsung's software which also did the magic of configuring the WIFI on the printer.
2. When looking on "Print server properties" for this printer, under the "Drivers" tab, the name of the driver is a little different and also I have only "Type 4 - user mode" while in all other computers I also have "Type 3 - user mode".

Tried removing all drivers and let Windows set the drivers from its repository (as done in the other computers which succeeded to print), but no success.

Also, although different symptoms that the following workaround will help -, but did not - as "Enable bidirectional support" is not checked and grayed out for my printer on the problematic computer. On my Windows 7 which succeeds to print, this option is enabled...

I urgently need help :-(



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