Going on holiday for 3 weeks - printer clogs?

Sep 23, 2017
Hi all,

i'm due to go away for three weeks soon and I have a Canon Pixma Pro 100s printer (dye based ink). Normally I make sure to print something every 2-3 days at least, just to keep ink flowing through the print head and to reduce the chance of clogs. However this obviously isn't going to be possible when I'm on holiday.

Three weeks seems a long time to leave it so I'm wondering if anyone on here has been in a similar situation and where there any solutions? Is there anyway to leave the printer on and tell it to print an A4 sheet every few days for instance?

TIA :)
Mar 4, 2022
i would be shocked if the printer clogs after this short of time, should be absolutely fine, especially if the heating is not on.
if it was months and months it could be a different story, when you get home, run a nozzle check and see if all flowing correctly, worse case, might have to do one head clean but i am sure it will be fine :)

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