Help I have a Canon Pixma Pro 9000

Jul 29, 2012
Ok, I have tried every possible option from the manual. Everything comes on a pinkish tone!!!
I am working on a Mc Computer. I have tried to print from Lightroom, from Adobe Photoshop Ele, (photoPrint Pro), from PhotoPrint EX. I have tried all various settings and photo formats; jpeg, raw. and all the ICC, Canon Photo.......?
No change, at this point I am at a lost, printer is new ( first time using it) but I have the Pixma MP 980 and I have had the same issue. Now I think is a setting issue.
Why can I just press print and wallah!
Where do I start? I really appreciate any help!
Jul 10, 2012
Hi there, it seems like you have problems with the printer colour management system. You need to go into the settings and turn off the colour optimization and other management directives in the print driver.

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