canon pixma 9000 mk2 problems help!!mayday!!!!

Oct 23, 2010
Hi all thankyou for reading my thread

i have just recently bought a new canon pixma 9000 mk2 printer.
i am having some problems getting the right colours especialy browns.
i do interior visualisation using 3dsmax and mental ray.
and am currently using photoshop to post production my images.

i render all my images untagged, in tiff format. A3 size 150 dpi.
my monitor is calibrated its a new hp s2331a 23 inch lcd.

i have used cannon printers for some time now.

iwhen i go to print i convert the image to the s rgb profile then enter the printer setting disable color management by selecting none.
i then select the canon paper i am using which is semi gloss pro 2

i go back to the photshop print preview and allow photoshop to mange colours and then select the printers profile which is GL1

i then print.......this usually works fine on my old mp610 with no probs maybe sometimes i have to kill the megenta because of canon red syndrome.
but apart from that the prints are presentable.

this time all colours seem to have a blue cool tint running through the moment i am rendering some brown tiles and the specular high light looks bluish and the brown is actually more black..... i recently used some cheaper ink cartridges and i think this is when the problems i reverted back to canon only cartridges.......

my theory is that the cheaper ink has a higher viscosity then the normal canon inks so is thicker and harder to thin.

is their a way if this is the case to flush all the pipes through with cleaning fluid if the is such a thing ?

or am i just a complete retard and have been printing petty good prints with other canon printers just by pure luck.....

all help gratefully recieved as my boss is not happy that his investment does nt work properly because of using cheaper cartridges.

thanks guys

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