Canon Pixma 9000 problem with greys

Dec 6, 2010
I have a 2 year old Pixma Pro 9000, relatively underused so far.
I recently changed out my first set of ink carts. I cannot say with any certainty that out of the box the printer worked better than now. I only recently started using high res and gloss paper.

I have some photos, and now some generated test graphics (in Open Office) that have a common problem.

When I print on plain paper, at "standard" setting, results are good,
When I print on plain paper, at "High" setting, the greys have a significant bluish tint.
Pure reds, greens and blues look OK.
When I print on gloss photo paper, both "standard" and "high" have the same bluish tint.

I have cleaned, deep cleaned, aligned and nozzle checked - all the test prints look good.

This "feels" like a software/driver scaling issue, but am guessing at this point.

Thoughts or experiences out there?

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