HL-1212W toner question

Nov 7, 2021
I live in europe but I have purchased a Brother laser printer model HL-1212W while in vacations in Brazil (the price was too good to pass).

The manual of that printer uses 3 types of toner: TN-1060 (Latin America), TN-1030 (eastern europe) and TN-1050 (rest of the world).

I europe I see the last one for sale. Every time I search for the other two at amazon, the results show the TN-1050.

I am pretty sure any of these models of toners will work with any printer HL-1212W purchased anywhere in the world but I need confirmation.

Two questions:

1) do you guys know why Brother does a crap like this? Naming the toner with 3 different models?
2) will TN-1050 work with my brazilian HL1212W?
3) some sellers at amazon mention something like a XXL toner that in theory prints 5000 pages, instead of the regular 1000 the original brother cartridges print. Is this true?


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