How do i reset a ricoh aficio cl3000e printer to factory defaults?

Sep 19, 2015
I have a Ricoh Aficio CL3000E Printer that will print any and all test print pages from within its self.

BUT we cannot get it to take and inputted print jobs. Nothing from outside will get in.

Not by USB nor by Network nor by a direct printer cable. After trying everything we can think of to get it working on either a Ethernet cable and of the USB cable. I hunted up a Printer cable and hooked it up to the old Dell and it “saw” the Ricoh, and installed drivers etc. for it and it shows up in the printer and devices and said it was good to go.

BUT when sent a test page from the Dell and it blinks twice and still will not print…We cannot get it to reset so we cannot get into it as it will not take the default password as we cannot reset it to factory default settings.

So I have a two part question: one can you tell us how to reset it to system defaults?

Two if it cannot be reset what part (board like the input board or other) Do we need to replace to get it working??

I also got two to three extra toners cartridges for each color with it so I have a good 5 years supply.

I found even farther instructions of resetting the Ricoh Aficio CL3000E Printer:

"If you want to reset some PM call (for PCU or maintenance kit) you must enter the service mode(hold the two UP and DOWN arrows together for about 6 sec and then released it and press ENTER immediately). You will enter service mode . Choose 2. Engine and press ENTER. then search for 7. DATA LOG and press enter. Then search for SP7804 PM_COUNT_CLEAR and then press enter. There you can reset what you want. Then press escape to main menu and exit."

Did all the above twice and STILL nothing…cannot get into the printer by internet as cannot get any combo of any factory default password, all fail. Not admin/blank nor supervisor/blank will work.

To add to the frustration I also have a HP Color Laserjet CP3505 UPD that works great with Black and white printing, BUT it seems to not print yellow…I turned the other two colors full down and yellow full Up NO CHANGE. The color test page of color bands show almost no yellow.

I even switched the yellow toner with the backup one and STILL no change.

What could be wrong with the HP that I cannot adjust the color settings?

I did a search on the HP and found a ton of complaints on it becoming misaligned over and over and how the so called fix is to buy new toner…

So I am NOT a fan of the HP.

So can anyone help with either printer?

Aug 21, 2015
For your Ricoh Aficio CL3000E Printer, I think you're on the last legs. I couldn't find a single documentation about w/c part of the board holds the firmware.

For your HP Color Laserjet CP3505: This type of issue usually has something to do with 1.firmware 2.electronics & hardware. I would try to flash the firmware and have it to the latest version then try again. If that doesn't work, the electronics/board is defective and it won't matter how many cartridges you try. I know how frustrating it is but it's more difficult to find the defective component than replace the whole printer.

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