how to choose laster printer Emulation: PCL6, GDI...

Mar 7, 2010
I have question, how to choose laster printer Emulation:

Printer Command Language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Printers - openSUSE

HP host-based-printing,

Canon CAPT,

I found some cheaper laster printer, that device only use (GDI, HP hotbased, CAPT)
but expensive device, that use PCL6

(q1) select Printer need see, that hardware build fonts? need?

(q2) PCL6 is good to print control ?

(q3) if cheaper, (GDI, HP hotbased, CAPT ,) how to choose ?

(q4) I choose cheaper laster printer and printer resolution only 600dpi , can sucess printer BARCODE CODE39 ?
Barcode scanner can readable?

(q5) Also, I choose cheaper Emulation and printer resolution Max 600dpi and only 2MB RAM Max. and process only 48MHz,
is enough to print PDF file , only 1 page A4 size , size over 10MB ?

Any idea please![/QUOTE]

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