How to Install Hp Laserjet 1010 for windows 8.1 in 64 Bit



Oct 31, 2016
The last operating system supported for the LJ1010 was Vista 64-bit. I don't know if those drivers work on Win 8.1, I doubt it.

This may not be the answer you're looking for, but one way to use old unsupported printers on modern computers is to install Virtualbox, install a compatible operating system and print via the emulated machine. I would recommend a minimal third party Win xp 32 bit for low resource usage, such as tinyxp.

The easiest way is then to use a pdf printer on the host machine (Win 8.1) such as Pdf Creator and save the pdf to a network share between the host and the virtualbox guest. You then use Adobe Acrobat on the virtual machine and print from there.

If you use a minimal tinyxp on the guest you can easily have this virtual machine running in the background all the time on a modern computer, it will use <1% of the cpu.

If you are an advanced user you could even write some scripts so that the files are printed automatically. That way you can use the pdf printer on the host machine like it was a regular printer.

This is a "last ditch" type of rube goldberg solution probably not practical for office use, but it can work for occasional personal use if you don't want to throw away your old printer.

This also works on Linux and any os that can run Virtualbox, you can also try other virtualization software such as qemu.
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