HP 4600dn update firmware

Jan 7, 2010
Hey there,

this printer is making me crazy in a negative way -.-

So it was having some problems .. was working sometimes than it didn't work again and so on.

So I came to the point to update the firmware.

Easier said than done .....

I was trying to do it via ftp.

So I copied the firmware into the PORT1 Folder.

Worked quite well .. In the beginning !

It start's with about 500 kB/s but than constantly drops down until about 50 kB/s than it says unable to connect to ftp server.

Any Ideas how I could fix this ?

You could save a life with giving me a solution cause if it won't work i'll probably kill myself ;-)

Greets and thx for the help
Dec 30, 2009
have you try checking any software running? sometimes the loading process takes more time than normal if there are other programs running.

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