HP 9000 and Warming Up

Jan 30, 2010
Good morning,

We have two HP 9000 printers, both worked fine until yesterday. Now both printers are saying "Warming Up" when they come out of Powersave mode. They just sit like this and never go to "Ready". One printer gave a 50.2 Fuser Error after about 15 minutes.

We've tried shutting them both off completely and also changed the fuser on one of them.

Any ideas?


Feb 8, 2010
I got this from a Google Search, second resuld: "[PDF] Page 1 - () page1 HP LaserJet - COMMON ERROR CODES".

• Temporary error code, turn printer off then wait 20 or 30
minutes the turn back on
• Low or unstable power - check the wall voltage, if on a surge
protector, plug straight in two the wall
• Bad fuser assembly
• Bad low voltage power supply
• Bad DC controller

HP 9000 ERROR 50.X
• Improperly seated fuser
• Replace the fuser assembly
• Replace the upper cable guide assembly
• Replace the low voltage power supply
• Replace the DC controller

Also, here's the power requirements for the HP 9000 series printer:

power requirements —
Source:100 to 127 volts (±10%)
Frequency:50 to 60 Hz (±2 Hz)

power consumption —
Printing:1040 watts maximum
Standby (ready state):90 to 100 watts
Powersave mode:35 to 45 watts (ENERGY STAR® compliant)

Using this equation:
To convert Watts to AMPS when volts are known:
AMPS = Watts / Voltage
I = P / E

You need a dedicated 8.6 AMP circut, so say 10 AMP.

So a simple solution might be to look at where the pinter is plugged into. Is it into a power strip or the wall? If its in a power strip, pull it out and plug directly into the wall.
More complicated, if you've got the time and expertise needed, find out how many amps that wall circut can handle, and how many things are plugged into it.

After that, you might need to get an HP certified technician to look into the printer.

Hope you solve your problem.
Mar 14, 2010
The problem should be in the power supply. Try your printer in a different place (using different supplys). I'm 100% sure that it will work. :)

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