HP Deskjet 1000

Jul 16, 2023
I’ve had this HP printer for a while now. I always buy my ink cartridges at Walmart and they are a generic brand. they have always worked just fine. but now I am getting an error whenever I try to print that tells me that the cartridge in my printer is not an HP cartridge and therefore it will not work. sometimes if I try to print multiple times and go back and forth between control panel, and the document I can kick, start it and get it to print. but today, that no longer works and I have a printer with a brand new cartridge in it that will not print. since my printer is old, I cannot even get through to HP to get advice on how to fix this. if anyone has a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I intend to put my HP 1000 printer on the floor and stomp on it. then go out and buy a better printer.

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