Refilled black cartridge stopped working - HP Deskjet 3637

Mar 3, 2023
It’s my first time refilling ink cartridges, and I’m running in some problems.
I have an HP DeskJet 3637. The cartridges I have are both refilled. One I inherited it alongside the printer, and although it has been refilled several times (color) it still works and I believe it’s original. The black cartridge I bought remanufactured and I think it may not be original. The chip is clearly different from the color cartridge, also the plastic seems worse.
I refilled both cartridges for the first time and it was working just fine for both black and color.
After a few days, the black had some dirty headers and I was getting lines so I took it out and cleaned it. Then the ink stopped flowing to the headers I guess because I sucked up too much while cleaning it. I saw that it’s an XL cartridge so I poured 2ml more of ink, a total of 4ml at this point, and also sucked the ink from the headers until it came out with the stand thing to suck it. Now the ink was flowing again.
After this, I reinstalled the cartridge and then, it wasn’t working anymore. But not only that, the color cartridge I also refilled and was working stopped working too as long as the black one is installed.
If you remove the black cartridge, you can still print color.
So I’ve been researching online and have tried so many things, including:
-Unplug the printer, restart pc, reinstall cartridges, etc.
-Restart the printer by pressing X and off button for 20s or more.
-Uninstall the printer and drivers, reinstall.
-Uninstall HP smart.
-Clean the cartridge and chip with alcohol as well as the contact inside the printer.
-Cover the bottom right part of the chip in the cartridge with tape to try and reset it, no success or any change. Also after removing the tape no change.
So I don’t know what to do. It’s a perfectly fine cartridge. It’s all refilled and it’s very new, it’s the first time I refilled it. The only problem seems to be the printer refusing to print with it.
I think the printer doesn’t recognize it. I am not sure. But it shows this stop sign icon, same as if you don’t install any cartridge. There’s a difference tho if you don’t install anything or you do install the black. Because if you just install the color it’ll print color, but if you install both it’ll stop printing.
When there’s no cartridge inside or you have installed the black cartridge, the low ink light starts flashing.
When only the color cartridge is installed, the low ink light is on but static.

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