HP Envy printer only prints sometimes in Publisher

Nov 9, 2011
I'm using Vista Home Basic and a HP Envy printer. Certain Microsoft Publisher pages I have are now showing strange printing behaviour.

When I click on the print icon at the top of the screen, Publisher quickly shows the little box with the moving bar saying that it's sent the job to the printer. The print queue icon at the bottom right of the screen says "1 document pending". Then it goes to "0 document pending* without anything happening at the printer. However if I change the print quality to draft (either fast or normal), I DO get a print-out, though be it in black and white. Going back to normal, I get no printing, just as before.

The file size is 16MB so not excessively large. These documents have printed out OK in the past so what is going on? I've tried various documents to see what the common factor is but all I can say is some will print, most won't.

There's no problem in printing Word documents.

Is this likely to be a printer or Publisher problem? What tests can I do to resolve it?


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