HP Insidious Firmware Update - Kills Refill Acceptance

Feb 1, 2021
Okay, maybe this topic has been discussed, but multiple searches on this forum brought no results, so here goes:

Subject machine: HP7740 AIO OfficeJet Pro (Awesome Printer!)
Issue: HP's Greed performed an automated firmware update on MY (not theirs) machine without my consent, which locks out refills.

I have been refilling my printers, (both color laser - HP3360, and inkjets - many different models) for 20+ years.
Somewhere along the way HP starts adding chips to their cartridges, and some smart folks figure out how to replicate them, so the refilling life goes on.
The subject HP7740 allowed refilling of original cartridges as long as you had at least 2-3 sets of cartridges to rotate through the refilling process (Refill a depleted set and reinstall them once the current carts reach the "depleted" point). Yes, the barrage of messages from HP about empty non-original cartridges came up, but you were able to "Okay" through them and go on with printing.

Shout out to inkproducts.com for offering refills that worked extremely well.

HP's greed steps in, and behind the scenes they update the printer's firmware without my knowledge, when I installed the printer on a new computer.
As a result, even original HP cartridge refills will no longer work! (the firmware went from EDWINXPP1N002.1729B.00 to EDWINXPP1N002.2025A.00)

I did some research, and found that there is a "firmware rollback" to EDWINXPP1N002.1849A.00 , which is supposed to fix things, whatever that means. It seems there was some legal action taken which resulted in HP offering this rollback. Ironically, you cannot find this on HP's site anywhere, but it is available on the net if you look. I ran the rollback with no problems, so not the printer is at 1849A. My understanding is that this firmware will allow the use of aftermarket cartridges, however I was not able to verify that, as I do not want to throw any more good money after bad, if in fact I cannot refill my own carts.

After the firmware rollback to 1849A, attempting to install my refilled original HP carts did NOT work, so my questions become:

1) Does anyone know what the 1849A firmware specifically accomplishes?
2) Are there 1849A compatible chips available that will allow refilling, and if so,
A) From whom are they available?
B) What is the cost?

When it's all said and done, after MANY years of using almost exclusively HP products, if there is no solution to this, I will swear off HP forever, and tell everyone I can not to fall prey to their greedy usury practices. (P.S. There is one Cannon printer in my home that uses 210/211 carts, and refilling works great. My understanding is that there are many Cannon models that can be refilled, and I may just purchase one and add a CISS (Constant Ink Supply System) to it as available from inkproducts.com


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