HP Laser CP3525 Printer, Error 59F0

Nov 21, 2022

We have been using a HP CP3525 printer for years.

During the two last weeks, we faced, form time to time, the following error message : 59F0

Sometimes, the printer didn't work one day, but worked again the day after.

But for a couple of days, the printer has not been working any longer, displaying the 59F0 error message.

1- What steps would you suggest to try to determine the cause of the problem ?

2- There are several vids on how to fix the 59F0 trouble.
One vid suggests to solve the trouble without disassembling anything :
But the vid is not precisely related to the CP3525 printer.

What do you think of this method ?

3- Do you think that it is necessary to disassemble the printer in order to access to the solenoid and replace the sticky pad ?

4- What about the "half time" method to reach the solenoid ? :

I thank you advance for any reply or suggestion.


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