Looking for Bluetooth Laser Printer

Oct 18, 2022
Hello All;

I'm trying to find a Laser printer (B&W) to print to from an iPad using Bluetooth only. No WIFI. I cannot find any that do not need WIFI as well while printing. WIFI is ok for the initial setup, but once setup it needs to use BT only.

Any suggestions?


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Any suggestions?
I can give you hints, but you'll have to do some research around this.

I can get Internet (and network) access via Bluetooth with my iPad, how? depends on the hardware, it can be done via a computer, a tablet, or a phone and grant network (and Internet access privileges). My router does not provides any Bluetooth access so I use my Android Phone, I have on my desk my iPad already with full access.

From here you can get printer access, just depending on iPad support and compatibility, you'll have to check what works, so, basically it doesn't matter if it's WIFI or Bluetooth: the iPad gains access to a network, you could use laser or inkjet, whatever becomes easier or fits your needs.

You might also use the Bluetooth Internet access to email-to-print, some printers let you send whatever you want to print to their e web services, I have 2 HP Officejet printers allowing me this. On both cases (previous paragraph and this one) you could easily use any laser printer on your network that has support for iPad (an app or whatever).

Other than that I just personally know about some (a bit) old Canon printers with Bluetooth support. And some that could be enabled with Bluetooth using an adapter, the BU-30 and others. And yes, there are modern printers with BT but are inkjet.

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