New Brother HL-1112 mono laser printer low on toner after 96 pages!

Sep 8, 2022
I bought a Brother HL-1112 mono laser printer in August. (My first laser printer) I was given to understand from various reviews and posts I have read around the internet that a laser printer is more economical to run than an inkjet. Allot of reviews & posts seem to suggest that I could expect to print up to,or around,1000 pages. I was more than a little surprised,not to mention,a little queasy when I got up a pop-up message informing that the cartridge was low on toner. From what I'd read I was under the impression that I could expect a couple of hundred more pages before I had to buy a new toner cartridge. Although,I had read that Brother were now supplying starter cartridges with their machines,so I thought it might be a tad less. However,I was still shocked as I had read a post (I forget where) suggesting I should expect more pages even from a starter cartridge. I contacted Brother and got a rather curt (in tone) reply informing that new machines were supplied with a starter cartridge that would print up to 700 pages and that,as I might understand, print yield depended on the settings used (ie draft,normal,fine,text,graphics) & that I could find out exactly how many pages I had printed by pressing the "On" button,rapidly,three times in succession. I did as suggested,as I wasn't sure exactly how many pages I had printed,although I know it wasn't anywhere near 700! Apparently I had printed out 96 pages! I did,admittedly,use "fine" and "graphics" for a few of them,but the remainder were printed using the "normal" and "text" settings and a couple using "draft" & "text".I was still disappointed,to say the least,that the toner was low after only 96 pages. I have used inkjet printers for quite some years now & even using high colour resolution (using compatible cartridges,I should point out) I would still have had plenty of pages to print and plenty of ink to print with after 96 pages! I did try a tip that I have read about elsewhere,of taking the cartridge out & tapping it against the palm of your hand and giving it a shake,but the pop-up came up again,as before,informing that the cartridge was low on toner.
And so to my question! Could anyone here tell me whether this is what I should expect from a laser printer? I realise it was a "starter" cartridge,but,even so,I would still have expected more printing than I got. As I've said I've had far more from an inkjet printer (and I'm always moaning about them). I'll be afraid to use anything other than "draft" mode from now on at this rate! Apologies for the length of this post (and possibly boring some of you to death) but I would appreciate any light you can shed on this and any helpful advice you can provide. Thanks.

Dafydd Jones
Sep 2, 2022
When you connect the printer to the system, it must be active to print the documents. But, in a few exceptional cases, it does not print and remains offline. Also, when you look at the print properties, it shows the printer is offline. You may find it weird as the printer is On. Then, what obstructs it not from getting online? Generally, it can be a connection issue. But, in a few cases, other reasons can also be behind it.

Whether you are using the printer with a WiFi network or using a USB cable, you can find the offline error in any case if there is a technical glitch. You must inspect all of the factors and find out what is causing the Brother printer says offline. It is not a major issue you cannot resolve; a few simple steps can fix it. This blog will guide you with complete instructions to troubleshoot the problem.

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