HP Laserjet 6L has false jams

Jun 7, 2015
Few days ago i got a laserjet 6L from a second hand. I had been using it several times but i'm having a strange problem.

Happens that this printer does not suffer from the two sheet pickup bug, in deal i believe it has been fixed by the previous owner. However, i'm having a very strange situation where, while printing normally, when the sheet is entering normally the fuser without any wrinkle or printing defect, it suddenly stops and the amber led goes on. I have to remove the sheet and it starts working agan.

By advice of a technician, i lubed the gears and the bearings of the foam roller wich works below the toner cartridge. it's able to print a big pdf and then on the next one it does not stop giving false stuck sheet alarms.

I'm using it under gnu/linux and in epp mode on the parallel port bios setting. Whenever it prints, it's printing quality is unquestionable and feels like brand new. What could i try to fix the false stuck sheet problem?

Something else: i believe it tends to do it whenever it gathers some temperature after working a good time..

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