HP Laserjet m141w won't print on W. server 2012

Apr 11, 2024
We have a printer hp Laserjet m141w connected to the wifi network,I tried to install on the server (Windows server 2012) but the exe doesn't work so installed through printer manager w/the .inf file from the basic drivers, it intalls but when I send a print it doesnt send a error and leaves the queue but nothing prints. It works fine with any other PC (w10 & w11) of the network except with the server, also I can enter to the printer config via IP on the web bowser form the server, but won't print.
I think is a driver problem but in the hp site when I select the Windows Server 2012 ,only the universal scan drivers appear and it didnt even intalls, the universal pcl 6 drivers also don't works.
Someone can help me with an older version of drivers or some fix to this problem?

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