HP LJ1200 - almost white prints despite new cartridge

Jul 28, 2019
During the latest years my (rare) home prints had become gradually "light" and I assumed that this depended on the toner cartridge, which actually was very old (2008). So I didn't bother and planned to wait for the toner to run out completely.
Two weeks ago, when ordering a toner cartridge for another printer we have, I decided to order also an original 15X cartridge for the HP1200.
When it arrived I immediately installed it and, as a quick test, I printed a couple of pages which looked OK. Days later, when I tried to print a 20 page document, I had the following surprise:
starting from the third/fourth page the prints became gradually... lighter and within another ten pages they were almost illegible.
The printer behave regularly, with no signs of errors or malfunctions.
From then onwards I was never able to obtain a readable print again. If I launch the self test print I get always (with no worsening) a very faint heading while all the rest is barely perceivable.

The new cartridge was a sealed genuine HP. I had to remove the toner safety stripe by breaking the side little plastic lever.
Sadly I can't plug in the old cartridge any more because I returned it for recycling.

It really seems to me very unlikely that a new and original cartridge could be empty (!), so I don't like the idea of buying another one just to test. I also dislike, however, to dump the printer altogether.
I think I have some "fixing" skills and so I'd like trying some further investigation, if only to understand what is the cause of this unexpected problem.
Any suggestions?
Jan 13, 2022
I have a similar problem with both a Samsing ML-4550 and two Kyocera FS-C5300DN.
Have not solved it yet, but I think I've read somewhere that the culprit typically is insufficient high voltage supply for the drum(s). I think it should be a connector issue in the Kyoceras (although this sounds unlikely with high voltage!) - but have not yet been able to find proper information on where/what to measure... Still looking (=why I'm here! But seems to be primarily unanswered questions here - unfortunately!)....

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