HP m454dw printing weird lately (see pics)

Feb 9, 2021
The printer is struggling to print transparent raster images (such as shadows or lower opacity things - see the flower's shadow) and overall the edges are very dirty, a lot of dirt on white parts of the images (see the left corner of the image). Text is as crisp as ever, however, as soon as raster image is printed (even b/w) it gets fuzzy - such as printing shipping label with a raster barcode.

Been using non-original toners for half a year, never encountered this problem before. Swapped the original black back, it got better, but not perfect. Swapped all original back - same result.

Possible causes:

Printer has been acting out a bit lately (delaying the print sometimes) and very rarely it would shut down and restart itself in the middle of work showing very briefly blue screen with an error code (so fast I never even got to read it). Keeps printing as usual when restarted.

The toner chips got scratched when replaced. Not sure if it can affect the printing itself.

If anyone could point me in the direction of the cause of the problem, I'd be greatly appreciated.

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