hp m605m the printer is jaming with pre printed page from tray 3

Jan 22, 2022
I have never seen this issue before. The first call needed a new fuser the gears were out of aligment with the drive great so replaced tons and all new paper path trasfer rollers. The unit never jamed "original call" and everything looked great! did a large run of print jobs did not transfer. Got ticket the printer was jaming again. Went to do another test run the paper from tray thee, pre printed to look like a title transfer for cars, was jaming under the tonner cartridge. The roller was new but the belts were dirty with toner. I clean the belts and ask the manager to run several test runs. He said it would jam every third or forth run. Well the paper never jammed and it printed fine. I call the customer the next day to see how the printer was running. It was about a hour after leaving the printer started to paper jam under the toner. Again its the paper from tray three. I was at home then asked the manager to take the paper out and put in plain white stock standard thickness and print out 100 pages. It printed 100 pages did not jam. I thought perhaps the desingn of the paper had changed. So called support and they said the paper thickness need to be changed in the printers web page. The end user refused to follow the SIMPLE instructions I sent him via PDF and basicly said I need to come in. Well the work order was closed out so cannot add more time to the work order. Has anyone ever seen a printer jam when the paper thickness is slighly thicker then regular stock?

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