HP Photosmart B8500 photo printer seems to have lost its mind!

Aug 26, 2023
My printer has worked well for years but now something has gone wrong possibly in the firmware. It can print a normal page But then it prints the attached message on a sheet, or it prints a partial picture or text & ejects it then a following page with more of the sheet sometimes in the wrong colour. Left alone after printing it starts printing again, usually the attached message & a following blank sheet stops half way out. I've tried all the suggested ideas from HP & using the diagnostic program which reports 'no problems'!! I can't post the file it is too large in all the formats I tried. I will type it!:-
POST /ipp/print HTTP/1.1
Content - length : 187
Content - Type : application/ipp
HOST : localhost
Next line has symbols I can't reproduce! although different I can only use* in their places.
*d*G * attributes - charset*utf - 8Httributes - natural - language*enEprinter-uri - ipp ://lo That's the nearest I can get with a standard keyboard I'm afraid.

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