HP6700 Refill 932/933 refillable cartridge and refilling stock ones

Sep 19, 2015
Hi guys I need some help I am new to refilling cartridges and all that it entails.

So I have read that you need to leapfrog cartridges... I bought some empty refillable cartridges they did not work well, there was leakage etc...so I took them out... and the cyan was showing empty even though it was full.. and now when I put in the original set up ones refilled cyan is still registering as empty... did something screw up with that part of the cartridge area..?

now when I try and print something it says cyan empty continue to print in black only.... which I do not really mind... but defeats the purpose of me buying all this other ink....

are there things I could try? to get this to work?



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