I have a SAMSUNG SL-M2875FD MONO - Fax Question

Oct 8, 2018
I have a SAMSUNG SL-M2875FD MONO . I have one phone line. It is a VoiP line. When I use the fax I move the phone line to the line in port on the back of the printer.

I want to be able to have the line always commented to the phone line so I can skip the line change process and just put the document in the feeder, enter, the phone number, and fax.

I was reading about a possible feature that will allow one to set their printer fax to not answer a phone call unless the user presses a button when the phone rings and that it depends if the printer fax machine is set up to answer the line only manually by simply pushing a button on the fax machine to answer the call thus accepting the fax. the other choice would be to set the fax machine opt automatically answer every call.

Does this printer fax machine have this answer manually or automatically feature and how do I set it?

Thank you!

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