I need a inkjetcart profile for canon 9500mark II

Jan 2, 2013
can anyone send me a inkjetcart profile for satin or luster paper for the canon 9500mark II? I know they make free custom profiles for there customers, but I need one right away, thanks.


Jun 27, 2013
Well, if it is Canon paper, the print driver should include printer profiles that are generic but usually good as long as you are using Canon OEM ink.

I've got a next-level-down Canon 9000-2, and I believe it came with software that can make a printer profile specific for your printer, maybe with non-OEM ink, and maybe with non-Canon paper. However, I believe it assumes you have a pricey X-Rite spectro. (maybe a less expensive ColorMunki, but maybe not ... still $400 USD or so)

Some non-OEM paper vendors supply generic printer profiles for the 9500, like Red River. They will assume OEM ink, however.

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