imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4545i/4551i Turn On/Off Tray Availability

Dec 22, 2022
In one of the offices I support there is a Canon iR-ADV 4545/4551 multi-function device. It is the only printer in the office. We have a use case where a special invoice print job must be run on a monthly basis on special form for invoicing that we don't want other users to waste by printing "normal" jobs to. I figured I could create two print queues - one for normal printing, one for invoice printing. The concept I have is that the "normal printing" queue would enable all trays EXCEPT the tray with invoice paper, and the "invoice printing" queue would be the reverse of that, enabling only the tray with invoice paper.

The current driver for the printer queue is "Canon iR-ADV 4545/4551 UFR II" and I can't see any way with this one to change that configuration. Anyone know if the concept I have is actually possible with this driver, or another driver? Noting that I've tried the "Canon Generic UFR II V4" driver, which seemed to have that capability, but jobs would send from the Windows device successfully, but the printer would report "Could not be executed because the file contains unsupported data".

Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.



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