Dead Canon imageRUNNER C5030i

Jul 2, 2020
Hello everyone.

I bought this Canon imageRUNNER C5030i printer broken in hopes of being able to fix it.

But so far, things have not gone that well.

The problem is that it is completely dead. When you turn on the voltage, the only thing that happens is that the green light on the panel flashes quickly once. (see attached image) Then nothing more than a little high frequency sound from AC power pcb.

I have replaced

AC driver pcb FM3-7937

All night PS FK2-6325

Relay board FM3-7935

... but now I'm stuck there.

I've measured the 3 volts up to the relay card, all ok

I get no voltage (230V here in Sweden) to supply the 12V power supply nor to 24V power supply from the AC sub driver pcb ... but I do not think it is the AC sub pcs that is the problem, because I have tried the relay on that card with 3volts on the coil and they pull.

So it seems like that card does not receive signal to pull the relays which means it does not send voltage to the 12V / 24V power supplys.

I've also tried to supply 230V directly to the 12V / 24V power supply to see if something starts, but nothing happens, as dead still.

How should I continue troubleshooting? What could be the cause of nothing starting up?

Thanks in advance


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