Is wf7710 good for me?

Dec 20, 2020

I 'm using Epson L3050 with Colorway T6641-T6644 ink, for Photo print and Neenah 3G dark transfer paper for T-shirts. This ink is very good for shirts.

Now i need A3 printer. I think Epson WF7710 with CISS system is good, but can i use this printer with this ink? And i didnt fint photo print test with WF7710. What quality can print photos?


Jul 11, 2020
WF-7710/7720 should provide comparible quality. I have several WF-7720s that I use for photo and poster printing. The ink you are mentioning appears to be dye-based. I know for a fact that the printer can use dye-based inks, because the ET-16500 uses the same print head and it takes dye inks rather than the WF-7710's normal pigment inks. That being said, I can't speak directly to the WF-7710's print quality using when dye inks since I don't use them. I expect some tweaking of the driver and color profile will have to be done to tune the colour balance.

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