Kodak ESP 7 quality

Jun 14, 2010
Hi. I'm using the Kodak esp7, and I want to print up half size notecards using Word Perfect. I have some swell photos of birds and landscapes I want to use, and thought I could get away with card stock. Found the envelopes with no problem, so I was trying to avoid having to purchase the pkgs of greeting card forms to keep my costs down. But the color quality on the card stock is much worse than it appears on the monitor. I'm using a Nikon D60 camera that does a marvelous job, but the print job is disappointing. I have told the printer to print the best quality, but the colors are washed out. And when you start editing the photos to darken them up, you can tell they've been altered. Do you have to use expensive photo paper to get that great quality with this printer??

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