Kyocera EcoPro C170N Powers Up, Quickly Shuts Down

May 16, 2022
When I power on my C170N (color laser) the LCD displays "Self Test" and I can hear the fans, perhaps some motors, start up and run for a few seconds. Then some other component starts whirring with a more intense sound. As soon as that component starts, the printer shuts itself off.

This printer is very similar to the Kyocera FS-C5015, FS-C5020, FS-5025 and FS-C5030, so experience with those is certainly relevant.

My guess is that some of the capacitors in the power supply have aged and need replacement, but that is an informed guess. When the louder component starts up, I surmise that the power supply doesn't keep up and hence the shut down. Could also be that louder motor drawing too much current, which would be bad -- easier to replace caps, than whatever component that (unidentified) motor is part of.

Anyone else have any actual experience with this issue or just better/more guesses?

Thank you for any helpful or humorous responses.

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