Kyocera ecosys p5021cdn weird color problem after cleaning.

Nov 7, 2022
I had some stains on my printing, so i followed the manual, and cleaned inside (registration roller and paper ramp). Stains are gone, but I now have the weirdest trouble with color and printing jpeg (specifically).

I join some pictures to illustrate. The first 3 are photos I took from the printed pages, so the white doesn't appear much white, but that's a photography issue (except for the difference between photo 2 and photo 3), I just don't have a scanner available here.

In order :

- The status page, printed directly from the printer. Everything is fine. Colors looks fine, letters are sharp.
- A pdf made from an image, printed : sharp, but color are MUCH MUCH darker than they should be.
- Same image, printed without converting to pdf first : empty white squares are full of gray spots . Edges are blur .
- For comparaison, the original printed jpg to see the expected colors.

Tried printing from a différent computer with brand new driver installation, same results.
The printer is barely a year old. I tried replacing all 3 color toners for new ones. Tried every manipulation from the manual (color calibration, changing the "MC" value, etc ...), without any improvement.

Any idea what is happening there ?


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