Kyocera TASkalfa 2552CI when print the Windows reboot (Restart)

Mar 18, 2021

I need Some help there problem connection from laptop to Printer device. when the laptop try to print, the Windows suddenly reboot (Restart)

need for help to fix this problem ( Win 10) . we already uninstall the printer driver and install again the driver but it's not work.

Thank You.
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Apr 7, 2021
Hello Bora
The latest Win10 update is the problem (u press on print an u get a blue screen) u can simply uninstall the update, the name of the update is “Security Patch KB5000802” not sure if it’s called like that in English.
Step by step
Open the System Settings
Open Programms and Features
In the new window u can see on the left top “windows updates” or similar
Open that and search for the “KB500802” update
If u found it do a right click on it an uninstall
Close all the windows

Don’t restart PC yet

2. Step

Search in the search bar for “Windows updates”
Click on that
It opens a window, scroll down an press on “skip” updates for 7 days or u can skip updates for one month two menu point further down till then Microsoft should fix this bugg.

I hope I was able to help u if so ur welcome
If not u can write me an email an we can solve this problem via TeamViewer :)
(e-mail address removed)
Greetings from Germany

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