L6171: How do I change or add printer presets?

Mar 27, 2020
Hello all.

I have an Epson L6171 that works fine except for the fact that each new print job I send, it reverts to A4 paper as the default.
I do not use the A standard, but use Letter size instead. I can change to Letter, but I have to do it with each new print job I create using Print Preferences.

I would like to set Letter as default for all jobs, but I don't seem to find a way to either change the preexisting presets nor create new ones. Epson support pages show how to do this for other models (or rather, the Print Preferences screens for other models), but the one that the L6171 uses does not seem to have the option to modify existing presets, only hide or show them (which is pretty stupid).

Kindly see the attached screenshot: I can show or hide presets and I can even create new ones, but I cannot change any of the settings.

Best regards,
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Aug 22, 2020
Do you still have this problem??

If so... try this:

First you are at the wrong start point for what you want to do. And, the Epson terminology doesn't make it any easier either.

Second see attached.


You are clicking on the "Add/Remove Presets..." button too soon.

Use the Main and More Options tabs to setup a preset that you want to save. I suggest that you click on the "Show Settings/Hide Settings" toggle button to open the side car window. This will allow you to preview all the settings to be sure you have not missed any between the two tabs. You could even do a print job to see if the result is what you expect.

Then once you are happy with all the settings, THEN click on the "Add/Remove Presets" Give it a name, pick an icon, enter some comments if you want (to help you remember what this preset is for), and then click SAVE

You will then have a new preset, with the settings you want, and the name you want.

Hope this helps...

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