Laser - Front to Back issues from the Multipurpose Feeder

May 12, 2022
So, I'm working with a Lexmark C4150.

I am printing a project that has a front and a back that must align for cutting purposes.

I am printing on cardstock and must use the Multipuropse Feeder (cardstock jams in the tray).

Here is the issue: When I print from the tray on normal paper, the front and back is aligned perfectly. When I print from the feeder everything is off by around 1/8 of an inch. This is on the cardstock I need to use as well as any paper I put through the feeder. The feeder accuracy is off.

This happens both when I do duplex printing and print single sided - all odd then manually flip and print even.

This is driving me nuts. How do I fix this discrepancy???


  • trayCapture.PNG
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