HP Laser printing blank pages


Sep 11, 2012
Hi, I have a MFP M177 FW color laser printer and it's been working fine. Suddenly one day it printed one sheet that was only yellow. Then every sheet since then has been blank.

No errors on the unit, I replaced the black toner, drivers up to date, no changes were made, etc, etc, etc.
I was told by someone at a store that it could be "the drum". He seemed convinced. I asked if there were other internal parts like something that "charges" the toner (I don't know what I'm even asking, lol), etc. he said no. But when I look online I do see mention of a "fuser".

Anyway, before I take this heavy thing in for repair are there any suggestions on what I might try first?
The connection is fine, the printer will act like it's printing but the pages are completely blank.
Should I buy a drum and see if that's the problem?

Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

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