Laserjet 5p

Apr 11, 2011
I've had a Laserjet 5p for a good many years and it's served me well. However, since upgrading to Windows XP, I noticed that the print quality is not the same as it was with the original drivers, which were for Windows 3.11. (I told you it was old)

With the original drivers, I had more settings I could adjust to give me great-looking print results, even when printing color images. The new drivers have no settings for gray scale, or very poor settings at best.

My question is simply this: Can these old drivers be made to work in Windows XP? Failing that, is there an updated set of drivers available that at least approaches the quality that I used to get from the original drivers? I've found and used a number of driver installs that are supposed to include the 5p, but I have yet to get satisfactory results.


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