Lexmark 3730DN needs factory reset but...

Jul 2, 2017
It's complaining about needing Y toner, which is now full, as are the rest of the hoppers.

Back up a step or 2.

Supposedly there's a way to reset the toner message, per something I found on lexmark.com. I've tried the steps, but the printer keeps refusing to act like Lexmark says and gets stuck at the "Toner out y" message.

I bought it at a thrift store for $13, so I'm not out much, HOWEVER there are principles here danggitt!!

Apparently the printer has the starter cartridges because there's NO CHIP in them, just a piece of black plastic, except for the black toner, which has a chip.

Replacing the cartridges is out of the question until I get back to work.
It would help to be able to print such mundane things as resume's. vicious circle there....

The Lexmark website seems to be having problems so there's no help there on a Saturday night.

Any Idea's that dont involve spending a bunch of money?

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