Lexmark Genesis S815 networking issue

Dec 11, 2016
Hello everyone,

I am having a problem networking one of my computers, not sure where to go, so I came here first.

I have a Netgear nighthawk D7000 router, a Lexmark Genesis S815 printer, and 3 HP laptopns all running windows 10.

Here's the issue:

I connected the printer via WPS to my nighthawk router and it connected easily to start the network. I connected two of my HP laptops also easily, both connected wireless via the router. My last laptop does not discover the printer. I tried entering it manually via TCP/IP, but it won't print just saying "there is an error" I double checked everything, the IP address, the port, all the same as the other 2, but just doesn't work.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it, I will also give as much info as needed.

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