Lexmark M3150 Printers

Nov 26, 2013
Hi guys

I'm hoping to get some feedback from people familiar with Lexmark printers, in particular the Lexmark M3150 printer.

At work we're looking at a managed print solution with a supplier in which the proposed desktop printer to be used is the above.

I've not had much experience with Lexmark printers generally so wondered what people's general feelings about them were, i've been looking for any reviews I can find for the particular printer but can't find anything so specific experiences with this printer would be appreciated too.

Interestingly I cannot find anywhere selling this model of printer so am curious as to when it first came on the market and if it is no longer for sale what is Lexmark's current incarnation of this printer.

Most of my own experience printers wise is with HP hence my need for help with Lexmark.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide



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