Lexmark Platiunum Pro 905 Depth

Aug 17, 2010
I am considering the purchase of a Lexmark Platiunum Pro 905 printer but have limited space (depth) for it.

So I need to know the following depth measurements from someone who already has one please (the info on the Lexmark website is not specific/clear enough).

  • The depth of the main body of the printer (excluding input & output trays)
  • The depth of the printer including the input trays, but not the output tray (which I assume you can pull out on demand)
  • The depth of the printer including input & output trays
Also, as I understand it the power cable connects on the rear so I will need to fit a 90 degress mains lead (so I need to know whether it's a standard "kettle" lead)?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Ian


Jan 19, 2011
* Size (in. - H x W x D)
* 12.10 x 18.31 x 15.42 in.

* Size, Trays Extended (in. - H x W x D)
* 12.10 x 18.31 x 22.88 in.

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