Lexmark Pro710/715 need ptr software download 64bit


Oct 23, 2017
I recently bought a used ThinkPad laptop and I need the software for the Lexmark ptr...so I can use it. My old computer was a 32 bit Gateway Vista and the disk that came with the Lexmark ptr worked great. I tried to install the disk on my Lenovo and it said it was "unsuccessful"...even though it seemed like everything went through fine. When I tried to use the Printer, it wouldn't print right. I get all kinds of characters etc. Not sure why I'm getting this error. The disk says it can be used with Windows 7 just fine...but my OS is Pro 64 and not sure if they makes a difference. Can someone help me out here. If there is a software download [Lexmark Pro710/715] for Windows 7--- 64 bit.....can someone send me a link please. I would really appreciate it. Lexmark help site is very confusing.

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