Looking for a decals printer

May 3, 2023
Hello, guys.
Hopefully, I can get help here.
I'm looking to buy a printer for vehicle decals/stickers.
I did a lot of research, but I just couldn't get to the conclusion.
I need something that uses pigment based ink instead of dyed, because of the color fading, waterproofing and longevity of the decals.
Based on my research people recommend these four models.
Canon Pixma Pro 200 and 300
Epson ET 8500 and 8550.
Some information says that they all can use pigment ink, other only higher end versions - Canon Pro 300 and Epson 8550.
I also noticed that the Canon inks are more expensive than the Epson and have smaller capacity cartridges as well.
Basically I'm into the cheaper versions on both of them, because my budget is tight, but I'm also open for your suggestions even for a different models and brands.
Thank you!

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