LW326 Scan to Windows Server 2016

Aug 29, 2019
User has a Lanier LW326 large format scanner. They have been scanning to a folder on a Windows 7 desktop. Have installed a new Server running Windows Server 2016. After setting the share and NTFS permissions on the shared folder labeled "Scans", and setting the domain user and password under the "File Transfer" and updating the address book, all tests have failed to produce a file on the Server in the designated folder. It is not an authentication issue...it simply reports "transmission failed". I have enabled SMBv1 on the server and verified through Powershell...as well as SMBv2, have upgraded the LW326 to the latest Firmware available, have double checked IP settings even though they did not change on the scanner and I can ping scanner from server. Not sure what else could possibly be the issue. Am hesitant to upgrade client workstations to Windows 10 until I can get past this issue since Win10 and Server2016 are similarly designed OS.

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