MFC 2750DW Blotchy Printing of Scanned PDFs

Aug 5, 2021

I have a 2750DW bought on 2/2018 that's worked fine until now, but it just started printing blotchy scanned PDF pages. Copying, printing of non-scanned PDFs, and printing of other file types work fine. Some PDFs were scanned by the device, some by other devices. This same problem happens printing from both Foxit and Adobe Acrobat. The PDFs previously printed correctly on this device and still do on a newer 2750DW on a different PC.

Two 45 min. chat sessions with Brother support didn't help. We verified that the cartridge is the legit Brother product, tried all the software stuff they suggested, and cleaned the drum. Then they told me they can't proceed unless I first consult with Adobe support, which doesn't seem to be available for the free Adobe reader. That's bogus anyway because this happens with both Foxit and Adobe readers and the PDFs print fine on a different PC with a different 2750DW and the same PDF readers.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


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