MFC L2750DW Duplex Scan via ADB is complete with an angle :(

Jun 13, 2019
Hello friends of Brother Printers :)

I use a MFC L2750DW.

Since the beginning I already have problems when I use the ADF feeder for copy or scan.
My prints or scans are all completely with an angle. I also tried to hold the pages myself when the ADF feeds them.
But it is still with an angle. The left and right thing at the ADF feeder are quite loose but even if I hold the pages straight with my hands, the scan will go with an angle :(

I attached an example how my ADF duplex scan looks like :( Is this normal in this price range? Because I'm very disappointed about this problem. You can not use it that way !!!

Bought via Amazon on 2018-09-04. So no exchange possible i think :(
But this problem exists since the very beginning - just thought I'm getting it solved and it would be up to me.

Thank you for your answer and help.

Kind regards


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