MFC-J475DW and Intermittent Wi-Fi

Oct 2, 2015

I have the above Brother printer and initially set it up to use the Wi-Fi. At first there were no problems, it was always 'online'. Lately however, the Wi-Fi connection comes and goes. The router hasn't changed, and all the other devices using it are fine. The printer or the router haven't moved locations. Nothing is different.

Yesterday, for instance, in the morning it was not working so I spent some time looking for the USB printer cable from my last printer. By time I found that cable and came back to this printer, the Wi-Fi was working. It worked for a bit, and by yesterday evening it was 'offline' again. Like I say, it comes and goes.

I've done what the Brother website troubleshooting suggested, except I did not move the printer closer to the router. Does anyone else seem to have this problem and are there any suggestions on what I can do to keep the Wi-Fi working on this machine. It is getting to the point now that I will give up the convenience of Wi-Fi and start using a USB cable.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

p.s. my hubby's Brother (a different, older, model) uses Wi-Fi and he has no problem with it


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