MFC J6535DW very slow to print a copy

Apr 11, 2019
I have the above printer and it take sabout2 minutes now to print one black and white letter size copy of just simple text. I had a major jamb, went thru the tool module to expel any paper. Cleaned the nozzles, print quality is fine but takes for ever to print now. I suspect there may be more paper jammed but I cannot see any
Apr 10, 2019
Solution for Slow Printing Printers
1. On your computer
We recommend that you upgrade the RAM and renew your Windows System and adjust it to the OS requested by the Printer Specifications. If you get a virus, please scan it with your flagship anti-virus.

2. Correct Printer Configuration
Please configure your printer by doing the method below:

1. Open the Printer Application (We Exemplify the Canon Printer) by clicking Settings "Dry Wait Time Ink" then Control Panel >> Select Printer >> Click Mouse Right >> choose Printer Properties

2. When entering the Printer Properties Menu, select Maintenance >> Cost Settings.

3. Please Slide Ink Drying Wat Time to the Left and click OK

After doing the above method, usually your printer will be fast when printing documents, please test.

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